Personal Statement before the journey begins

Prioritize the mind and body

do more of what makes you happy

Start the Impossible with Possibilities

Start Your Impossibility With Possibilities

The Reason You Are Here

somedays you have to Create your own Sunshine

The right path is not always the easy one

the good thing about the past

Unleash The Power Within brochure

Anxiety Desensitization Mantra

Mindfulness Techniques brochure

Smoking Cessation brochure

The Reason of The Journey

Only love, faith, and hope lead to the certain of future expectation. 

With persistency and consistency, the Way will lead to the place where we want to be or to become. 

Gratitude is a fundamental ingredient for our soul, to keep us moving forward for better, with awe and wonder, to celebrate each day and moment.

Again reach your full potential and creates miracles everyday...

Mindfulness Meditation - Embrace your heart

Morning Liberation Mantra

Wake up in the morning,

Open eyes… then… perceive…

Open ears… then… listen…

Open mind… then… grasp…

Open heart… then…feel…

Open arms…then…embrace…

Open nose…then…smell… 

As you breathe in and breathe out…


Continue these quietly…

I am asking you:

What that feel deep inside you?

Sensing and intuiting…

Searching with all your feels, in silent, 

and in your awareness toward yourself…

You don’t need to search without end

What you need is to just BE….


Go beneath your soul,

The core of human:

What that feel deep inside you?

Then let it go… as you embrace it…

DR. Kusnadi, PhD., LCPC

Mindfulness Enjoyment

Benefits of Mindfulness

Breathe Mantra

Life to Live

Coaching Areas

Forget all the reasons why it won't work

Purpose of Lotus

Mindfulness group therapy

Choose to LIVE


Everything Will be okay

Unearth The Miracle Within

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